This is the dreamiest place on the planet!

The charm unparalleled. Thank you for having us,

and thank you for keeping true to the most precious tradition in the area.

July 10th, 2015—Fondly, Rick and Amateo
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hese are some of the hundreds of comments written in Gingerbread Mansion’s guest books, although we would have loved to list all of them as we greatly appreciate each and every guest’s thoughts and feelings of gratitude from their joyous memories here, we are sharing with you some of these testimonials from our collection from past to present to give you a good idea of the overall feel and response from guests. We are honored to have been the recipient of so many accolades and above all to add such value and richness of joyous memories during their visit at the Mansion and Ferndale.
Feb 13th, 2015
I just love my princess bathroom in Rose room. I am so happy to be here. God bless you guys. I wanna say thank you to my boyfriend to take me here for Valentine’s weekend. I had a blast. WE come back soon. Happy Valentine’s day! Heart
—Sharminel & Onid
Feb 20th, 2015
This B&B is one of the most amazing places that we have stayed. The “Rose” room is probably the most romantic & beautiful room here. We were greeted very warmly when we arrived. Thank you Ferndale and especially The Gingerbread Mansion for your hospitality and warmth.
—Susan and Keith Statts
May, 3rd, 2015
Our favorite B & B of all time! Thank you Eugenia and Colleen for a fabulous stay!! WE love ferndale and the Gingerbread Mansion…. + The Veneto rooms is sensational. All best!
—Syrie James – Author
May 19th, 2015
I’ve been a businessman for over 40 years and most of my business has been done abroad, therefore hotels are just like a my 2nd home. I’ve never been in a hotel as unique and simple and yet as outstanding as this one. I’m amazed to see so many details of good taste.

—H.S> SHenen, Brasil

May 24th, 2015
Spend a couple of night here and have to say that we have stayed in many B & Bs and this one was amazing! Beautifully decorated, charming, romantic and I could go on! 5 stars **** WE enjoyed our breakfast also. Thank you for making a coastal drive get away a memorable experience. Will highly recommend the Gingerbread Mansion. Sincerely.
—Dr. Bryan & Rhonda
Tulsa, Oklahoma
May 24th, 2015
A victorian Utopia! This is just what we needed to recharge our batteries. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Also, the staff was great.

—Dan & Chelsey Schenfeld, Portrland OR.

June 4, 2015
We walked past his home 36 years ago 36 years ago when we visited Ferndale just after getting married. We promised ourselves we would return…finally made it! We enjoy our stay beyond words thank you so much for the welcoming hospitality and for being good caretakers of this historical beauty!

—Sandy and Monte
Larick, Chualar, California

June 7th, 2015
What a wondeful place! We had the most amazing time Best room we ever stayed in! Thanks so much for eveything. We will back.

—Karri & Janick Campell

June 10, 2015
We really felt like you all went out of your way to make our stay special. I love this place! Food was delicious and stage where very gracious and helpful.

—The Keigers

June 11th, 2015
Thank you so much for your kindness & hospitality. You made us feel so at home and everything was just perfect. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Ferndale is “AH-MAZING.”

—The Maeda’s (We, Lilian, & Brennan)
Trobuco Canyon, CA

June 16th, 2015
We have a lovely stay. Thanks for making the first night of our honeymoon a memorable one.

—Gira & Topher
South Carolina

June 25th, 2015
I came to visit my sister Sharon and she brought me to this beautiful mansion and lovely little town. This is is by far the most beautiful B&B I’ve ever stayed in! I ‘d love to come back and stay longer next time!

—Vicki Santa Ana
Leander, Texas

June 26h, 2015
My husband & I celebrated 40 years and loved everything! Our room was amazing & didn’t want to wake up & leave. Thank you so much!
—Louise + Barry
Redding, CA
June 18th 2015
We had a truly wonderful stay here. This place is a haven of peace and we’ll be back very soon!
—Nordahe & Flore, France
(They drew an eiffel tower in their testimonial)
June 29th, 2015
Our stay in the Zeporah was absolutely lovely. Everyone was very kind to us and very accommodating. From appetizers and wine when we arrive to breakfast the next morning – so good! We will back!
—Rosalie & Richard Woodhead, Peacervile, CA
July 4th, 2015
Happy Fourth! Loved our beautiful “Lilac Room!” and love Ferndale as always!

—Randy & Sherrie
Libray, CA

July 10th, 2015
This is the dreamiest place on the planet! The charm unparalleled. Thank you for having us, and thank you for keeping true to the most precious tradition in the area.
—Fondly, Rick ailson and Amateo
July, 2015
This place is beautiful! We stayed in the rose room and I really don’t want to leave! Thanks for a memorable stay!

—Bill Windchell & Kat Zill

July 19th, 2015
Can’t say enough nice things about the inn: The beautiful flowers, the friendly staff, the comfortable rooms, the delicious breakfasts and afternoon treats. Wonderful!

—Joan and Jim Jenson,
Seal Beach, CA

July 19th, 2015
You may not be able to eat it, but we love the taste of the Gingerbread Mansion. Tops all around. Thank you.
—Clip & Matt,
San Francisco, CA
July 22nd, 2015
Wow! We loved our stay and I love the house, I could eat it!
—Yasmin & Family,
London, United Kingdom
July 22, 2015
Absolutely amazing! I could stay here forever! We loved the decor.
Grand Jet, CO
July 26th,
Thank you! This as a wonderful stay. We could not have asked for better on our honeymoon.

xoxo — Kate & Joel
Calgary, Canada

August 3rd, 2015
Heavenly Bed. Amazing chocolates. Delicious food. Beautiful accommodations. Thank you for a wonderful stay.

—George & Ava
Reno, Nevada

August 3rd, 2015
From the palm tress of our Florida keys to the magnificent redwood trees we have thoroughly enjoyed the Victorian Inn charm of your beautiful B&B. Thank you for your friendly hospitality, delicious gourmet breakfasts and the most comfortable beds ever!

—Nan & Jimmy,
Marathon, Floriday Keys

August 9th – 12th, 2015
To all the staff of the “Gingerbread House” you are a as beautiful and elegant as the home your serve. It was a joy to spend our 24th anniversary at Ruby’s favorite Victorian home. The meals were all excellent and plentiful. We will definitely recommend “The Gingerbread House” to friends and family. With a California hug we will say “Goodbye” for now. With love.

—Norm & Ruby Townsend

August 26, 2015
We will never forget our lovely stay in the fountain room. Thank you for all of you did to make our visit memorable.

—McKenzie & Alan
Great Falls, VA

Sept 19th, 2015
Yes, its our 3rd time here! and once again, a pleasure for us. Every time we drive down the coast from Seattle to San Francisco we’ll stop at Ferndale and we’ll stay again at Gingerbread Mansion. It’s Gorgeous!! Nice breakfast, friendly staff…perfect!

—The Arustins from Spain

Sept 10, 2015
Found the “Gingerbread Mansion Inn” during my travels and was absolutely charmed by what an elegant and beautiful place! Thank you for my “Stepping back in time” I look forward to returning to your “Garden room”.

—Suzanne Davis-Lucey

Sept 16th, 2015
See the graceful cursive comments above? Many children and young adults can no longer decipher these words. So cursive, likes horses and carriages, bustles and corsets. sitting straight and pouring tea, are moving into what what we call history – the past. Thankfully this example of the Victorian era survives. It allows us a short travel through time. We’ve loved our stay here at the Gingerbread Mansion and wish it it good health and prosperity during its next hundred year of painted glory.

—Sharon and Ron Harris
Denver, Colorado

Sept 20th. 2015
Enjoyed going back in time where everything was made with care and detail. Wonderful food for breakfast and afternoon “high tea!”. Your staff was so welcoming and helpful . Three wonderful relaxing days and night where spent in you beautiful Gringerbread Mansion! Hope to come back in the near future! Will tell all our friends about our stay and maybe they will also come and visit the Gingerbread Mansion.

— Pam + Jay Klive
Tucson, Arizona

Sept 21, 2015
It was a perfect fairy tale backdrop for my marriage proposal (She said yes) and we hope we can return in the future to use it as a place we can celebrate our anniversaries. A big change from our military life, and a welcome one. Thank you.

—Kelly & Alexis
Denver, Colorado and Arlington, VA

October 1st, 2015
The Garden Room was a beautiful place to wake up in! Everyone is friendly and welcoming! Breakfast was amazing. We loved the Fog Alley wine! Celebrating our 27th anniversary!

—Paul + Lisa Lechuyq,
Redlands, CA

Ocotober 8th, 2015
Ferndale is a diamond in the rough. Gingerbread Inn is like a christmas card come to life. Thank you for your hospitality and charm, we’re going to tell our friends. All the best.

—Eugene & Katy,
Kona, Hawaii

October 13th, 2015
This was truly a magical and wonderful place to stay while we attended the Teuney wedding. We truly appreciated the hospitality and kindness we found here and the absolutely lovely accommodation! I hope to return soon! – it was a fantastic 3 day in this beautiful part of the country. Thanks for helping make the memories of the his vacation very special!

—xoxo Pam Kisses

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